We operate in a market characterized by ever-increasing demands in terms of quality, reliability, innovation, on-time delivery and expertise. We meet these requirements by continuously developing our quality management further. Because our overall goal is to increase sales through customer satisfaction! Therefore, all our processes are oriented towards achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction.

One aspect of this is the selection of our sales partners, which we see as a strategic and long-term corporate decision for our customers. High levels of professionalism and product quality are decisive for us also in this regard. In addition, we consider our entrepreneurial activities not only as an obligation to provide highest possible efficiency. We also see ourselves as part of a global, economic and ecological supply chain in which we bear responsibility for socially and environmentally compatible behavior.

In concrete terms this means: our selection process for manufacturers requires their certification according to ISO9001, Umwelt14001, IATF16949, occupational safety and acceptance of our Code of Conduct. The documented and practiced quality management according to DIN EN ISO 9001 constitutes the guidelines for the constant improvement of quality in all work areas of our company.


Alongside the highest quality requirements for our suppliers and partners, it is important to us to have premium-quality products in a portfolio that not only meets our customers’ requirements but actually exceeds them.  Of course, not only our processes and product but also our services are subject to consistent, high-end requirements. We achieve this by constantly checking the effectiveness of our actions through our quality management system, which covers all our corporate areas. In this way we practice error prevention instead of error correction. Robust and streamlined processes help us to remain flexible towards our partners and customers, which gives our company security. We see our committed, motivated and qualified employees, who identify with our values and goals, as the pillars of our company. We achieve satisfaction and a high level of motivation by according responsibilities, being transparent and by regularly recognizing the work done.


In all corporate areas, we promote and demand awareness of environmentally friendly actions. Generally, we exclusively sell products from the Japanese manufacturer Taiyo Yuden and Taiwanese manufacturer HolyStone, whose production facilities in Asia are all ISO 14001 certified. This is how we ensure that all pre-processes are based on the highest level of environmental awareness. We provide our employees with an ecologically safe working environment and proactively strive to minimize the environmental impact caused by our internal work processes. The focus here is on reducing energy and raw material consumption and avoiding waste. In addition, we have created an environmental program to define and implement environmental goals for RM Components. Moreover, we have identified the legal requirements stipulated by the code of federal regulations of the “Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety” that apply to us in terms of environmental protection, and we have committed ourselves to complying with and implementing them.


RM Components is ISO 9001 certified and practices environmental management based on ISO 14001.